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Cocochi AG Repair Ultimate Mask 5pcs<br>Cocochi AG 金色修护抗糖面膜
Cocochi AG Repair Ultimate Mask 5pcs<br>Cocochi AG 金色修护抗糖面膜

Cocochi AG Repair Ultimate Mask 5pcs
Cocochi AG 金色修护抗糖面膜

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Cocochi AG Repair Ultimate Mask 5pcs

Cocochi AG 金色修护抗糖面膜

Product details:

Intensive care for areas between your eyebrows, eyes, face, and mouth.

Contains anti-moisturizing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, EGF, collagen derived from human adipocyte culture extract. Morato deep seawater, marine placenta, proteoglycan, revived grass, and other highly moisturizing ingredients that are selected from the highly moisturizing and moisturizing water are the ultimate moisturizing ingredients that provide moisture and elasticity. A 2- Step mask containing stem cell-derived ingredients from the ocean resulting in a healthier glow is recommended for users with sensitive or dry skin.

How to use:

After washing your face, use toner to settle the skin. Use Step 1 to moisturize the face focusing on parts of the face that need to be cared for. Then proceed to Step 2, cover your face with the sheet mask. Remove the mask after 15 minutes. Gently tap the face to allow the essence to be absorbed.

COCOCHI AG 抗糖化干细胞面膜的核心成分,就是人体干细胞,在微整形界这是最火的噢。干细胞在抗衰老,以及再造皮肤活力上,效果是质的改变!除了有人体干细胞,还有植物干细胞,更添加了获诺贝尔奖的EGF表皮生长因子、胎盘精华、日本温泉水、天然保湿因子、角鲨烯等。可以有效活化肌肤细胞,深层修复补水,达到抗糖化、抗氧化让肌肤持续靓丽的效果。金色适合皮肤暗沉, 毛孔粗糙人群。
Step 1:精华霜,眼霜、面霜、颈霜、一部曲解决额头、眼部、嘴角、颈部等肌肤问题题。
Step 2:抗糖面膜,集中改善肌肤问题,逆龄美肌。敷起来很舒服,味道也很清爽,皮肤毫无油腻感。鼻子上之前小细纹,普通的补水产品已经解决不了这个问题,但AG面膜用到一盒之后,干细纹奇迹般的变浅了,整体肤质都有所提升,平时呆办公室空调环境下带来的皮肤暗沉粗糙,都有了很大好转,皮肤真的是细腻了很多。