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Glico Pocky-Almond Crush 46g *** <br> 格力高 百奇-杏仁巧克力味

Glico Pocky-Almond Crush 46g ***
格力高 百奇-杏仁巧克力味

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A match made in Heaven! This box contains two single-serve packets of premium quality Pocky, comprised of crispy biscuit sticks covered in smooth, sweet milk chocolate and crunchy roasted almond pieces. The combination of sweet, salty and umami flavours makes this Pocky hard to top! Made in Japan.


Pocky has existed in Japan since 1966, and one of the nicest things about Pocky is how versatile it is. Provided there is some sort of chocolate involved, Pocky can be covered in just about anything. This has inspired a staggering variety of flavours, including green tea, strawberry, cookies and cream, and chocolate banana.