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Hekede 华人超市全新开业,(Elephant & Castle SE1) 全新风貌,全新体验。- Newly open 'Hekede' new concept Asian Supermarket

Hekede成立于2019年。今天,我们致力于打造一间新模式超市和手摇饮料的综合店,我们为于英国伦敦中发展最为迅速的 象堡 (Elephant & Castle) 地区。

Hekede超市是集合中国、台湾、香港、日本、韩国、越南、泰国、马来西亚、新加坡、印尼等亚洲地区之多款受欢迎零食、即食面 (方便面)、冰鲜及冷藏食品。

We are a newly open Asian Supermarket right in the central heart of London fastest up and coming area Elephant Park.

Hekede is a new modern Asian supermarket, ranging from a wide range of Asian culture food and snacks, such as Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, Vietnamese, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong.

我们也提供一个安全可靠的网上超市及送货服务 (最低消费金额) ,已解决你舟车劳顿的辛苦。欢迎上 挑选你所需货品,并在网上选择送货日子及时间。

We also offer delivery across the UK from our user friendly, quick and responsive website -



Our modern design and layout giving our customers a different experience in supermarket shopping.


Hekede unique designed Coffee and Bubble Tea bar area, with window table seating to sit down and enjoy with free Wi-Fi access.

你可以找到時下最受大家歡迎的韓國即食麵 (方便麵)。

Our popular Korean and Chinese Ramen. Our best seller Korean
Cheese Flavour Ramen shown below.


Wide frozen products and cooking ingredients selection for home cooking, Hot Pot and Desserts etc

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