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Axxzia Beauty Eyes Essence Sheet 30 Pairs<br>AXXZIA 冻龄多效修护眼膜

Axxzia Beauty Eyes Essence Sheet 30 Pairs
AXXZIA 冻龄多效修护眼膜


Axxzia Beauty Eyes Essence Sheet 30 Pairs

AXXZIA 冻龄多效修护眼膜

Product details:
With age and external stimuli, the aging phenomenon of the eye area intensifies. Xiaozi's frozen age eye mask has multiple functions such as long-lasting moisturizing, translucent gloss, elasticity and firmness, diminishing dark circles, smoothing fine lines, and eliminating puffiness under the eyes; it can assist Fight against free radicals, relieve pressure around the eyes, help relieve aging around the eyes, and brighten the sense of transparency around the eyes. The high-concentration beauty essence gradually repels eye problems; the silky lady-level ice feather spirit fiber membrane cloth fits comfortably like the skin and enhances the penetration of the essence.