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Eat in Swindon Second Round Group Buy

Eat in Swindon Second Round Group Buy

Order Cut Off Date: 26 June 2022 (Sunday)
Estimated Delivery Date: 2 July 2022 (Saturday)
Pick Up location: SN3, Swindon (The detail pick up location will be provided in order notes)
Do you want to have restaurant-level Sashimi and Shabu Shabu food in Swindon? Hekede, an Asian Mart in London (Elephant & Castle), responded to the need for Japanese cuisine in Swindon! The group buy will be confirmed if the total amount of order exceeded £200 by the end of 26 June 2022. Please scroll to the bottom of this page to see our customers review.
Besides, there are more Japanese, Korean and other Asian snacks, noodles, sauces and drinks on Hekede online store, welcome to make your online order or visit our store in Elephant and Castle.
For enquiries please email us at: or WhatsApp: +44 7501 641618

Order Remarks

  1. No minimum charge and no delivery charge.
  2. As we need to order and pay for the supplier first, please note that 80% cost will be charged in advance. If there is any reason that the supplier failed to provide the product, we will issue the full refund as soon as possible. Please transfer the remaining cost when collecting.
  3. As each fish is unique, the final price will be recalculated after being weighed.
  4. All food except fresh fish will be frozen, in order to prevent deterioration of food during transportation and fulfilling hygiene standards.
  5. Freezing prevents bacteria from growing. Please consume the food after unfrozen. Sashimi can be stored in a frozen fridge for two weeks.
  6. Bank information will be provided when the order has been made. Please settle the payment within 24 hours, and provide a screenshot for confirmation.
  7. We only provide self pick-up service on the collection date. The exact pick-up location will be provided in order notes. If you cannot pick up on that day, please contact us for help two days before collection day in advance to discuss.

食在SWINDON 次輪團購

截單日期: 2022年6月26日 (星期日)
到貨日期: 2022年7月2日 (星期六)
地點: SN3, Swindon (詳細地址會在發出訂單時提供)


想在Swindon也可吃到餐廳級別的刺身和火鍋食材?在倫敦開店的Hekede知道大家的需要,特別籌備「食在Swindon」團購,讓大家免運費、免最低消費(需當日在SN3自取)得到優質食材。團購需要於截單日期前(2022年6月26日) 總訂購量超過£200才能成立。


有關團購查詢請電郵: 或 WhatsApp: +44 7501 641618


  1. 免最低消費及免運費。
  2. 由於需要向供應商預付取貨,需要先收取80%訂購款項。如供應商因任何原因未能發貨,將會盡快退款。餘額請於取貨時轉帳付清。
  3. 由於漁獲每次重量不同,最終價錢會按重量收取。
  4. 為防止食材於運輸過程中變壞,除鮮魚外所有食材會急凍運送,符合衞生標準。
  5. 食材如解凍後宜盡快食用,避免重覆放入雪櫃防止細菌滋生。急凍剌身可存放冰櫃兩星期。
  6. 收款銀行資料會在發出訂單時提供,請於24小時內轉帳,並提供截圖。
  7. 訂購需在到貨當日自行到SN3自取,詳細地址會在發出訂單時提供。如未能按時自取,需提前兩日聯絡協商。


Customer Review 客戶回圖:


Please noted that the Sushi rice & Cellophane noodles are not provided by Hekede.


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