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Which mooncakes do you prefer?

Mooncakes are an essential traditional pastry during the Mid-Autumn Festival, available in various flavours and fillings. Here are some common types of mooncakes:

Lotus Seed Paste Mooncake: One of the most popular mooncakes, it contains a filling made from lotus seeds and sugar, sometimes with added traditional salted egg yolk, adding a rich and savory taste.

Red Bean Paste Mooncake: Made with red bean paste, these mooncakes have a smooth texture and moderate sweetness.

Five Nuts Mooncake: Filled with a mixture of five types of nuts (walnuts, olive kernel, sesame seeds, melon seeds, and almonds), these mooncakes offer a variety of textures.

Snowy Mooncake: Unlike traditional mooncakes, these have a soft outer skin made from glutinous rice, and they are served chilled without baking, the filling is very flexible, normally featuring chocolate or fruit fillings like honey melon, strawberry, mango, etc., these mooncakes offer a refreshing fruity flavor.

Custard Mooncake: The filling is made with cream or custard, giving a creamy and smooth texture that's especially popular among young people.


These are just some of the common mooncake types, and over time and in different regions, more innovative flavors may emerge. Each mooncake has its own unique charm, allowing people to savor a diverse array of delicious treats during the Mid-Autumn Festival.







冰皮月餅:與傳統月餅不同,月餅的外皮是糯米製成的,因此這種質地細膩,冰涼相當,通常不需要烘烤。 基本上沒有什麼規定限制,可以變化萬千,通常使用巧克力或水果餡料,如蜜瓜、草莓、芒果等,增添了一種清新的水果風味。



以上一些常見的月餅品種,隨著時間的推移和地域的不同,可能會有更多創新的月餅口味出現。 天花板月餅有其獨特的魅力,讓人在中秋節期間品味不同的美味。